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iStructures by EcoIntell "building your safe haven"

Our Philosophy


iStructures by Ecointell has  developed a beautiful, futuristic and eco-friendly architectural design. We are happy to introduce you to the very best custom designs developed throughout the years with a core focus on addressing the environmental concerns we face in our society, We have as a goal to protect the monetary investment of our clients to make every penny you spend worthwhile.

The pleasures of life are gained by spending quality time with the people we care about and love, 


We present to you, "The iHome of the century" a design which enables the structue to be off the grid for months at a time, if needed, providing comfort, luxury and safety in case of a catastrophic event. Giving you peace of mind at all times.

Now you can sleep at ease, knowing that you are saving for your children's college instead of paying high amounts on utilities. We are price competitive and conscientiously engaged in conserving our planet and its resources.

We are proud to announce we can at last provide a home design which is 100% eco friendly.


We specialize in custom built homes. Each home is unique as each family has unique taste, needs and wants.  Every corner, every nitch is your own.

 We also offer an above average design which will save you money allowing you to reinvest it in the little luxuries you never

thought you could afford to beautify your home.. 

TWe have validated the key consumer problems and devised a solution by designing a home that is energy efficient, mold proof, weather proof, seismic, ballistic, with a 500 year lifespan, sound proof, modern and with the latest in home automation technology. 


The Design

This is a one of a kind futuristic modern design that is auto sustainable 



The Construction

This construction material that is durable with a lifespan of 500 years.



The Finishes

These exotic hardwoods from the Amazons will blow your mind


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