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About Us


iStructures by EcoIntell has a clear business objective to develop, build, and promote beautiful futuristic and eco-friendly architectural designs.

This way of building has been developed and consciously thought through for the last couple of decades with a core focus on addressing the key environmental concerns we face in our society.



Business Objectives

As a key component of our reach strategy we consider critical to identify and outline our business objectives, and align these objectives with clear and measurable development milestones. Our key long-term business objective is to launch a new building technology. While the current construction market and existing structures have been useful for testing the building problems, new building technologies are required to fully provide a one-of-a-kind structure and reach our business potential. Our growth path is clearly oriented around the addition of innovative building technologies, the development of these technologies and the subsequent marketing of such. It is understood that costs will be associated with building structure development and marketing and these have been allowed for in our budget.



The Customer

iStructures by EcoIntell has been created with a clear focus on the needs of our future clients. Through a structured building discovery process, we have validated the key consumer problems and provided a solution with an energy efficient, mold proof, weather proof, earthquake proof (seismic D-E), 500 year lifespan, sound proof, one of a kind beautiful innovative architectural design, with the latest in Home Automation Technology, as well as price competitive. This is a critical issue for our selected target market of private investors, commercial and residential developers, city planners as well as homebuyers. iStructures by EcoIntell helps you be off the grid in case any catastrophic event may strike.



The Value Proposition

iStructures by EcoIntell is uniquely positioned to deliver value to investors, commercial and residential developers, city planners and homebuyers. "iStructures by EcoIntell along with our team of experts will provide a unique eco-intelligent futuristic structure which integrates safety and innovative technology. The iHome of the century." In order to deliver on this value proposition, we offer this design, which enables the structure to be off the grid in case any catastrophe strikes as mentioned previously. Thus providing food and shelter for up to 4 months. This unique feature has taken considerable amounts of time and resources to develop and forms the cornerstone of our competitive advantage.




We have no competitors within the construction realm due to our unique components and futuristic structural design. We consider in some way the following to be some of our competitors: Garbett Homes, Rainey Homes, Candlelight Homes. Our understanding of these competitors has been used to refine our strategy and value proposition. We believe that we can compete effectively against any of the competitors above, but they can't compete with us. We offer an above average and beautiful architectural design, which provides an internal spinal cord. Featuring a panic room and other exclusive services to the homebuyer.



Key Strategies

Over the next 6 months our focus will be to target and educate people who are open minded and are looking for ways to improve their way of living. Who are proactive in conserving our planet and its resources. Those who are not simply content with living within the boundaries of four walls, but who see the benefits that new technology and progress could bring. This task will be undertaken in the context of our broader strategy to continue designing new and innovative structures that will keep us up to date with the demands of technology. Creating Eco Intelligent and futuristic structures as a new way of living. Revolutionizing the way we think as far as building construction is concerned. We will be targeting communities, who see the benefit of such developments, which in turn will bring peace of mind to our future homeowners and society. These strategies are a tactical implementation of our overall business goal as outlined above.




Measurable development milestones will govern measurement of the successful implementation of our strategies. The milestones that will be achieved over the next 2 years are:

  • Becoming the first choice for Eco-friendly homebuyers.
  • Building and developing iStructures communities. Building in all fifty states and worldwide.
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