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Our Team

​​iStructures by EcoIntell   along with our team of experts will provide a unique eco-intelligent futuristic structures which integrates safety along with innovative technology. "The iHome of the century."


Bildia Ruano Castellanos

Founder / President and CEO


Bildia is passionate about progress and she has taken as a life mission making this a better place to live. She serves the less fortunate wherever she goes and as part of her lifelong mission she is mindful of the importance of conserving our natural resources.  Her love for improvement and nature has lead her to her next project. She presents to you iStructures by EcoIntell Homes. This project embraces new construction technologies which are based in eco-friendliness. Bildia as an interior Designer and Decorator has love and appreciation for beauty she has brought a line of exotic rare earth hardwoods form the Amazons. They specialize in recycling all the precious exotic woods wasted in the Amazon Jungles.

Her charisma, warmth, and genuine interest in people has led her to build strong relationships abroad. She is currently acting as President of Endura Chile in the U.S., and having co-founded/owned a few successful businesses herself, she is aware of the level of dedication and hard work it takes to run a successful business.

Bildia has excellent leadership skills.  She has proven to effectively perform strategic thinking in order to get the right results andunderstands how crucial it is to have promt decision-making skills when running a company.

Her personality is result driven bringing the best financial management skills to the table; she develops any company into a complete success. Her communication proficiency, self-motivation and mingling with very successful business owners who have acted as mentors in her carrear has contributed to making this company come to life.

Bilida believes in self improvement and she seeks to aid her knowledge through seminars, books and life's experiences, her business acumen has helped her to be ahead of the game.
She is presently working as Regional Director of a very successful marketing company which she has taken from its beginning and has opened in the state of Utah.
She is very excited to be able to help families get into a very modern, futuristic, eco-intelligent, self sustainable, very affordable, and gorgeous home.
Bildia is a single mother of seven beautiful children, and she hopes that by helping other families achieve their dreams, she, in turn, will be able to help her family achieve theirs.


Jean Pierre De Rurange

Founder / VP and COO


Jean Pierre De Rurange is an Entrepreneur and currently acting as President and founder of Endura Chile providing a better way of living to his people in Chile by bringing jobs and self sustainability to many families. 

At the same time, Jean Pierre is the Executive Director in Utah for a very successful marketing company which has been around for years, which has helped many business owners bring their businesses to the next level. 

He has dedicated a great deal of his live by serving the Hispanic Community and doing many service projects to ease the pain of people in need and who are suffering.

A singer and composer by night, and a businessman by day; Jean Pierre has developed many talents especially a way to bring businesses to the top. By his developed skills of business administration for over the years knowing how to be effective and at the same time never forgetting the value people and the important role they play in the company.  He is always aware of their needs because he is very personable and he also has a way to expresses gratitude to those who work with him. That is what makes him successful therefore bringing success to any company; making Jean Pierre a great asset to ours. He is responsible for carrying out the strategic plan through overseeing operations, developing functional roles and assigning responsibilities to our employees. Jean Pierre does a great job at directly being involved in the operational aspects of the corporation.



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